Spa and Pool Care Products

Swim World is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Pool and Spa products available on the market today. That's why Swim World teamed up with BioGuard to bring the most complete line of products to North Central Washington. From our AccuScan Computerized Water Analysis Lab to the easy-to-use BioGuard Three-Step Programs, we'll help keep your pool and spa water clean, clear, and sparkling!

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Do business with BioGuard and Swim World

BioGuard Pool Care and Cleaning Supplies from Swim WorldBioGuard first recognized the need to simplify the pool care process when we asked pool owners the following question... "What do you expect the pool chemicals to do?" The responses were, and continue to be, the focus of our pool care products. Pool owners tell us they expect the water to be:
  • Protected from the growth of bacteria
  • Really clear... sparkling
  • Free from algae growth
These pool owner impressions caused BioGuard to focus on three objectives for product performance, and for over three decades BioGuard has marketed the BioGuard 3-Step System. Today, BioGuard has refined the products and the systems to make pool care even easier.

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