Gas, Wood, Pellet Stoves and Electric Fireplaces

Today there are many different types of stoves on the market. Generally, they fall into these categories: gas, wood, pellet and electric. All have benefits as well as drawbacks. The trick to selecting a stove is to pick one that best matches your needs.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves and fireplaces have become increasingly popular over the last few years. Designed to look like wood-burning stoves, gas stoves are clean burning, fueled by natural gas or propane. Gas stoves have the advantage of not requiring electricity in order to operate, which makes them more reliable during stormy weather and power outages. Gas stoves come as freestanding units, inserts and zero clearance fireplaces.

Wood Stoves

Today's wood stoves are nothing like their predecessors. New EPA approved stoves burn cleaner and more efficiently cutting down on wood smoke pollution. Today's wood stoves can be used during most burn bans. Wood stoves are easily maintained compared to other types of stoves. They are also available as freestanding units, inserts and zero clearance fireplaces.

Pellet Stoves

Pellet burning stoves are more convenient than standard wood stoves. Pellet stoves burn small wood pellets instead of cord wood and produce less emissions and odor than conventional wood stoves. Pellet stoves come as freestanding units and inserts.

Electric Fireplaces

ElectraFlame electric fireplaces add a worm, relaxing feel to your home. The soothing effect of an electric fireplace can be anyplace, anytime.

ElectraFlame electric fireplaces are available in 26" or 30" sizes. Electric fireplaces can provide warmth of a fire with or without heat. If required, both models provide 1500W or up to 5,000 BTU/hr of soothing heat using a quiet forced heater.


You can also choose the simple elegance of a true fireplace. We carry a full line of fireplaces and fireplace inserts.

Fireplace Mantels

Swim World Inc carries a large selection of mantels for all fireplaces.

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